Here we will try to answer a few of your Frequently Asked Questions about tree care

1.Should my trees be pruned?
The answer is YES …Tree pruning promotes good branch structure ;  it reduces potential hazards ; it gives the arborist a chance to examine the tree more closely than possible from the ground and finally it improves overall health by removing dead, diseased, and dying branches .

2.Should I have my trees topped?
The answer is NO… Topping, tipping, heading back  are all terms used to describe the same thing…to sever cutting back of a tree’s crown. It should not be used for healthy tree maintenance because it destroys the trees branch structure ; it gives multiple points of entry for wood decay organisms ; it could turn your tree into a hazard thus be liable  and finally topping does not limit tree growth.

3.Will moss hurt or kill my trees?

The answer is NO…Moss is an air plant and will not hurt a healthy tree unless it covers the foliage so that photosynthesis cannot occur. It is not a parasite like mistletoe which will spread and kill a tree . Moss basically attaches itself to the exterior bark of a tree ; Spanish moss and ball moss are both natural in Florida ;  a percentage of moss can be removed with normal pruning ; it is natural to have some of this air plant in your trees ; moss can be handpicked out or sprayed out ; removing too much moss could do more harm to your tree than good and also could be very expensive.

4.Should tree cuts or wounds be treated or painted?
The answer is …NO.In the past, part of the standard recommendation was to apply a generous coating of a tree wound dressing to all fresh cuts however, research has proven that this practice works against nature’s design and the tree’s best interest ; when a proper cut is made a healthy tree will heal on its own.

5.Should holes or cavities be filled in my tree?
The answer is…No.When you fill the holes or cavities in a tree it does more harm than good ; it creates hidden space for moisture, water, and disease to build up and rot the tree even more.

6.Do I need a permit to remove my tree?
The answer is…YES. Many trees require a permit for removal ; you can contact your municipality to obtain a list of protected trees and size limits.

Well, we know that you must have dozens more , so we urge you to call us so that we can inform you better ,  on a personal and friendly basis ok ?

We are not Albert Einsteins after all but ,  we do know more about tree care  than the theory of relativity…Trust us…WE DO…just give us a call !!!

Rita and Danny


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