Safety comes first

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, “More people are killed while felling trees than during any other logging activity” and that includes home owners as well as workers. Safety must be of utmost concern!

According to SCA ( Society of Commercial Arborculture) the odds of a tree service worker being seriously injured or killed in any given year are about 1 in 120.  That means, the fatality rate for a tree service worker, is three times higher than that of a police officer or firefighter.

Avoid being ‘ taken ‘ by – Fly by night operators !!! For your safety hire a professional company….We are skilled, trained, licensed and insured offering workers compensation, as well !!!

Why mess with things you do not know, right ? ( Check out this video…you will ‘ see ‘ what I mean )

Cutting trees with a chainsaw is particularly hard on the eyes and ears, so protective clothing must be used…always ;  along with  glasses, ear plugs, steel capped boots and non-slip gloves as well.

Safe is COOL !!!

These requirements are for professionals like us, who know what we are doing. A casual user should take note of this and have as much protection as a professional, if not more. Understanding that safety is important, let’s not fell a tree…leave it for the professionals…and that is what WE, at Danny’s Tree Service are…professionals.

(Fell: the action of cutting down a tree or trees…a professional feller is a logger or arborist who fells trees in the practice of his occupation.)

Call the professionals today…call us!!!

We are continually maintaining and updating all of our equipment to provide you with the best service , because safety comes first !

Rita and Danny


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