Telephone Directory

Native Trees in the Tampa Bay Area are protected by ordinances and codes , therefore permits must be issued by local municipalities before any work can be done…these permits can be acquired by the owner and/or the contractor but to play it safe , we recommend to call their offices concerning permitting.

Here is a list of useful telephone numbers of local municipalities :

Hillsborough County: 813-272-5920

Hillsborough Cooperative Extension Line: 813-744-5519

City of Tampa: 813-274-3100

City of Temple Terrace: 813-989-7132

Pinellas County: 727-893-1024

Pinellas Cooperative Extension Line: 727-582-2100

Clearwater: 727-562-4567

Dunedin: 727-298-3000

Gulfport: 727-893-1024 Indian

Rocks Beach: 727-517-0404

Kenneth City: 727-544-6655

Largo: 727-586-7205

Madeira Beach: 727-391-9951

N. Redington BeachexemptOldsmar: 727-855-1129

Pinellas Park: 727-541-0752

Redington Shores: 727-397-5538

Seminole: 727-464-3000

St.Petersburg Beach: 727-363-9247

St.Petersburg: 727-893-7471

Tarpon Springs: 727-938-3711

Treasure Island: 727-547-4575 x.230

South Pasadena: 727-343-4192

City of Bradenton: 941-932-9400

Manatee County: 941-749-3078

Manatee Cooperative Extension Line: 941-722-4524

City of Longboat Key: 941-316-1966

City of Sarasota: 941-954-4105

Sarasota County:Residential:941-378-6231


Sarasota Cooperative Extension Line: 941-861-9800

Rita and Danny


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